Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to the Balamban News Blog !

Hello friends and fellow Balambenos!


This is the non official Blog of our beautiful Town of Balamban, Cebu.
Here one can find news, address, informations and links from Balamban and its surroundings.
All this is already somewhere in the Internet, but I will try to search and collect it here in one convenient Place.

Also there will be commentaries, small town news and happenings in the BALAMBAN CALENDAR.

In the near future we will also try find all establishments and list them on the BUSINESS Directory.

Small stories, happy and sad will be told all throughout the BLOG.

Also we will try to list EVENTS, Public and Private (on request) in our

And then there is hopefully a lare participation from the folks of BALAMBAN to write own little NEWS & STORIES, we will Publish them among our own.

And of course, there would not be a blog if we would not write the latest Gossip in the TALK OF TOWN Section.

So please stay tunes and wait for our Blog Publications.   

Yours truly

Guenther Vomberg

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